Girl School

Tuesdays 7-9pm, 98.5fm RDU.


Girlschool - The Tunes - Missy G

Robyn-Dancehall Queen-Diplo/Red Foxx/Pomp & Clout Remix
Lindstrom & Christabelle-Baby Can't Stop- Areoplane Mix
John B-Podacast 82-Sun & Bass Influence Set

Rebotini 777-Discodine Remix
Mark Ronson & Boy George-Somebody to Love Me
Gladys Knight-Its better than a good time-Walter Gibbons acetate mix

Loveboat TV Theme

Damfunk-I like Big Azz girls
Amanda Blank-Might like you better
Nicki Manaj-Did it on em

La Roux-I'm not your toy
Chromeo-Hot mess
Rihanna-What's my name

Femme en Fourrune-Dirty blonde
La Roux-I'm not your toy-Nero remix
Bomb the Bass feat Paul Conboy-Boy girl

Blondie-Union City Blues-Tribute to those who lost their lives at Pike River

The Pretenders-Talk of the Town
Blondie-Heroes- Live
The Pretenders-Bad boys get spanked

Credit where credit is due - Galaxy Records - 110 Manchester St- CBD


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