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girlschool playlist 10/01/06

Well, another year down and what a year it has been… Hopefully you celebrated the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 in style. Hmmm went to The bicycle Thief and saw House of Dolls play and meet up with some interesting folk at one of the newest bars in town… Emersons Pilsner on tap and great polenta chips PLUS music that is very sweet to the ear! If you haven’t already, try it some time.

Well, Girlschool created a HOTT list of 2005 yestayear brought some real treats to the discerning listener. Some very nice re releases and K7 Records put out some choice compilations through the DJ Kick Series. Totally digging Princess Superstar’s latest album ‘My Machine’ some pretty funny stuff presented in her (un) usual electro – hippety hop way. Princess Superstar also has a few side projects too DJs are not Rockstars and Ill Disconics… check out her website and hot pics PS gets catty… meow!

On a lo-fi note: The Mixtape Crew are putting together a Mixtape zine and we need submissions from you!... anything goes as long as it isn’t indecent! Have your voice heard… maybe you would like to write a music review or would like to interview your cat and share her experiences on catnip! Whateva Goes…

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So here ya go…

Girlschool’s rockin Hott List of 2005…

BEST ALBUM (in no particular order)
Princess Superstar – My Machine
Ellen Alien – Thrills
Ladytron – The Witching Hour
The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
M.I.A – Arular

Ari Up – Album “Better Dread Dan Dead’

Le Tigre – This Island Remixes
LOE – Giggles in the Dark

Grlz ahead of Their Time – Compiled by The Flying Lizards You know it ‘Money’…
Studio One Women – Soul Jazz Records check out
Betty Davis – This Is It check out
The Glimmers –DJ KICKS check out
Annie –DJ KICKS Go Annie! Check out for a knock up review on the album.
Undercover Compilation – Ze Records. This is a rather whacky album.
Popular covers done by weirdo’s!

All in all, a musically fabulous year. Thanks rdu and thanks Galaxy Records.

Stay Tuned

Missy Gx

Girlschool’s HOTT LIST of 2005

Ellen Alien – Come from ‘Thrills’ Released by BPitchControl
Bachlorette – My Electric Husband from ‘The End of Things’ EP
Lesbians On Ecstasy with Le Tigre – Revolt from ‘Giggles in the Dark’ Compilation. For more info on these ladies check out
M.I.A – Bucky Don Gonne – (acapella) Remix by Diplo
Missy Elliot – Lose Control - Cookbook
Princess Superstar- Intro via the Telepath & I like it a lot!
Lesbians on Ecstasy – Queens of Hanson
Aural Exciters – My Boy Lollipop
Ill disconics- Lick the Alphabet “Take It Straight Edit”

Madonna – Hung up
Nostaglia 77 – Seven Nation Army
The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
Sleater Kinney- Rollercoaster
Detroit Cobras – Holler! This town is Too Small
Holly Golightly- Tell ME Now So I know
The Soulettes – Deh Pom Den
Hortense Ellis – Im Just a Girl
Betty Davis – He was a big Freak!
The Slits- I heard it through the Grapevine
Annie – Gimme your Gun
Adult – Gimme Trouble
Ladytron – High Rise

Credit where credit’s due: Thanks to Galaxy Records, 227 High St Christchurch for the lend of such golden rarities and yummy tunes! And to rdu for providing the means to broadcast these fab tunes to the Garden City folkxxx