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Girlschool Playtime! Electro meets Classic 80's

Missy G flys solo, engaging in some glitchy electro and classic 80's tunes, to sort your Tuesday evening out!
Highlights of the evening include hot new releases the Kitsune Maison Compilation, a double album of new tracks and remixes from French record label Kitsune Records, The new Fabriclive compilation remixes of fab 80's tunes from the Glimmers, oh and such a treat Jacques Lu Cont's dub version of New Order's Jetstream, on the latest original New Order album Ana Matronix from the Scissor Sisters does vocals. Not so new releases include; Berlin's The Metro, Girlschool's Canadian playboy Tiga remixes Dannii Minogue's 'Put the Needle On It' and to top the evening off Girlschool belts out with Altered Images ' Don't Talk To Me About Love'

Foto: Miss Van in Berlin, 27/12/06

The Tunes In Their Purest Form...

The Gossip - Standing In The Way of Control : Soulwax Nite Version

Ladytron - Sugar : Rmx Archigam Under the Roof Paris 2005

Peaches - Downtown : Rmx Simian Disco

Cobra Killer - Mund Auf Augen Zu

Berlin - The Metro

Ellen Alien & Apparat - Bubbles

Dannii Minogue - Put the Needle On It : Rmx Tiga

New Order - Jetstream : Dub Rmx Jacques Lu Cont

The League Unlimited Orchestra - Things that Dreams are made of : Instrumental Rmx

John B - American Girls 2004

Fox n Wolf - Youth Alcoholic

Scissor Sisters - She's My Man

Altered Images - Don't Talk To Me About Love

Playgroup - Some dubbed out track

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite

John B & Marcy Meow - Tainted Love

Madonna - Get Into The Groove

Girlschool's Up & Coming Events

Girlschool is rearing up for 2007, and to kick off the year, will be playing in the park at RDU's UFO Event on Saturday 3rd Feb, from 1-4pm. DJ's Missy G, MZA and Kesser. Enjoy an attitude packed three hours of rockin electro and rare funk numbers.

Girlschool's Missy G and MZA join Kate Gorgeous on RDU breakfast at 9.30 with some fab tunes to welcome the incoming weekend.

Watch this space for more exciting Girlschool gigs... coming your way

Next week on Girlschool, Kesser joins me on the show with some fine rare lady funk tunes, 45' style and Maggie Puff rocks up with the latest sleazy scandals.

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Missy Gxx

Photo Gallery

John B, The Hive Club, Zurich, Switzerland

The hot ladies pictured above are Miss Amy & Missy G
The hot boys are John B and a Swiss DnB boy


Girlschool 16th January

Well, it sure is great to be back behind the desk, and rustling through my crate for delicious tunes to play. Girlschool played the best pix of dirty ol' 2006 and played some Quirky Finds of '06 and of course delved into vinyl bought back from Londontown. Keep scrolling down for Maggie Puff's Rocknews.

Girlschool's album Pix of dirty ole' 06
(In no particular order)

Peaches - Impeach My Bush

The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control

YYY's - Show Your Bones

Ellen Alien & Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles

Miss Kitten - A Bugged Out Mix

Big Apple Rappin - The Early Days of Hip-Hop Culture in New York City 1979-82, SJR

Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah

Coco Solid - Gentlemen Prefer Bombz

John B - Electrostep

Yay! Went to John B's gig in Zurich, Switzerland, it was fab, the set was great and what a show man. Meet him and he is all good! Very into his nail polish! See photo gallery for pix x

For fabulous tunes check out Galaxy Records on High St...

Now For the Tracks

Susi Q - Back to the Drive
Peaches - Do Ya
The Gossip - Listen Up!
Jamaica Girls - Rock The Beat
Scissor Sisters - She's My Man
John B with Marcy Meow - Tainted Love
Lill Kim & Rupee - Do the Damn Thing
Miss Kitten - Perfect Night Bugged Out Mix
Princess Superstar - Perfect (acapella)
DJ K! -Plastic People - (K-I original)
El Loco - Ibiza
Generation X - Dancing With Myself
Kim Wilde - Kids in America
Culture Club - Do you really Want to Hurt Me ( Dub Version)

Special tribute to Sandy West , the drummer from The Runaways who died recently from lung cancer at age 47. RIP...

The Runaways - Strawberry Fields Forever for more info check out

The Rock Newz

Sick Kylie Axes Gigs

Kylie Minogue has cancelled two shows after walking off stage on Saturday night.
After 45 minutes of performing at her Manchester gig, she was too ill to continue.
She'd already explained to the audience at the beginning of her set that she had a cold.
But after her sister Dannii joined her on stage to perform Kids, Kylie apologised to her fans and left.
Her management later revealed: "Kylie has a respiratory tract infection."
It's hoped that with five days to recuperate, she'll be back on form for her last two shows in Manchester on Thursday and Friday.

And that's not the only time Kylie has been underperforming, she forgot the words for the second verse of I Believe In You at Wembley last week, saying, "Sorry, can you believe I was thinking about something else?"

George Micheal

On New Year's Eve, self-appointed left-wing political spokesman, George Michael earned around $4m to sing for Russian businessman Vladmir Potanin, the scion of a privileged Communist family. Potanin was one of the architects of the post-Soviet Loans for Shares programme, in which well-placed friends of then-premier Boris Yeltsin were given control of Russia's state enterprises and wealth, and hence became 89th richest man in the world. George is not alone. A Who's Who of rock stars can all be bought by anyone with a fat cheque and private jet, from Bob Dylan to Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams to Gwen Stefani, Rolling Stones to 50 Cent. In fact, within the music industry only two acts are known for taking a stand and refusing these lucrative invitations - U2 and Bruce Springsteen.

Paula's Odd Behaviour
Paula Abdul's spokesman has had to deny reports that she was drunk during a recent interview.
A video recently appeared on YouTube showing her to be slightly incoherent.
The interview showed her slurring her words, using bizarre gestures and rolling her eyes multiple times at the camera.
This prompted speculation of alcohol or medication... but Paula's spokesman insisted the odd behaviour was a result of tiredness:
"She was sitting in a room with just a camera and a mic on, and the controllers dropped the sound twice, which is why she rolled her eyes...
"She never drinks. I have known Paula Abdul since she was 13, and I have never seen her drink ever in my life. And no, she is not on any kind of medication. She was a little tired."
Paula subsequently cancelled all media interviews on Friday.
In 2005 Paula revealed she suffered from a neurological disorder that caused chronic pain, which required a weekly injection of an anti-inflammatory drug.

Amy Takes Drink Break
She's sung about going to rehab...
And now Amy Winehouse has revealed she's had enough of booze.
The 23-year-old singer said "I'm not drinking anything at the moment. I'm detoxing.
"Normally I drink everything, apart from gin and beer, but nothing at the moment."
Her sobriety comes just days after the singer allegedly threw up during a performance at the GAY club in London...
Amy has said of herself in the past: "I'm a nasty drunk.

Lil' Kim's huge Big Brother demands
Lil' Kim has reportedly demanded one and a half million dollars to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.
UK TV bosses are keen to get the 4ft 11in star on board, but are facing a massive fee in order to do so.
Lil' Kim, real name Kimberley Jones, has already snubbed the original offer of nine hundred thousand dollars to go on the show.
Kim, who was freed from jail in July after a one year prison sentence for perjury, also has a string of contract clauses in mind if she is to appear in the series.
These include final approval on all footage of her, a personal assistant in the house and an all-expenses paid two week holiday in London after the show.
Other stars lined up by producers include H from Steps, Dirk Benedict (aka Face from the A-Team) and footballer Jason Cundy.

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Happy New Year!

Wow hard to believe it is 2007 already, time sure does fly when you are having fun! Well, that is what I have been doing for the last three weeks in the mother country, Switzerland and Berlin. I am happy to be home, so clean and freshX

Missy G's travel diaries are currently a work in progress... watch this space for the incredible journeys of... Missy Gx

A BIG thank you to MZA, for hosting Girlschool for the last 5 weeks! For more on MZA check out

Tune in tomorrow night at 7pm for the 'Girlschool's Best Pix of 2006' and the hot rock goss from Maggie Puff and special travel stories from Missy G... not to be missed and some hot tracks to play from Londontown.

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Luv Missy Gx