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Girlschool, putting the G back into Gospel and Missy G putting the G back into Groove!
That's right this week, it was a Girlschool 'Soul/Gospel' special. Missy G , with a little help from her friends; Galaxy Records and SJR (Soul Jazz Records) took a deep breathe and delved into some different territory. Girlschool spent the night showcasing soul divas from across the land. Yep, a soulgasm!

To mention a special few...

Ruth Brown otherwise dubbed as little Miss Rhythm, in her big band days. Ruthy Brown put the R&B into rhythm and blues! she was also first artist to make a hit with Atlantic records, the experts say Atlantic records was indeed the house that Ruth built! Ruth was very much a ground breaker for many and helped pave the way for soul sisters such as Aretha Franklin.

Aretha has an interesting musical career, like Laura Lee, Aretha grew up in Detriot and her father was Reverend Franklin. The highlight of Aretha's career was in 1972, when she released 'Amazing Grace', the album that won her a Grammy award for Best Soul Gospel Performance. However it wasn't all roses for Aretha, being a 'natural woman' she got a lot of flack for her appearance. Earlier on, Aretha was bumped off the Ed Sullivan show because her gown was too low cut! Aretha says "Folk hadn't at the time seen a black woman showing so much cleavage" Jerry Wexter from Atalntic Records thought she was HOT! and in 1966, Aretha was signed to Atalntic Records, and from this point her career took off.

Tina Turner is also worth mentioning, back in the day, the 60's, Tina was the hot funk mumma. Unfortunatley, for Tina this period was tainted by husband Ike Turner, her beat her black and blue on a regular basis. However, Tina turned out some hot work and rose above the odds. I am totally in awe of her rendition of the Beatles, Come Together. Tina has written a biography, 'I, Tina'. Tina went down the white trash rock road, but hey have to give her credit, her album 'Private Dancer' is the fifth top album of all time. Also, to her credit, Mick Jagger was in total awe of her and based his stage performance on Tina.

Also worth noting, there is a very cool soul documenatary screening at the moment. It is called Deep Soul, made by the makers of Dancing In the Streets. It is on Prime TV, Sunday night at 8.30pm, next week showcasing the work of Etta James, Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin.


Jamaica Girls - Rock The Beat
Tina & Ike - Come Together
Ruth Brown - 5-10-15 Hours
Staple Singers - For What It's Worth
The Three Degrees - Collage
Sweet Inspirations - Why? am I treated So bad
Etta James - Tell Mama
Merrie Clayton - Gimme Shelter
Betty Adams - Ride On
The Staple Singers - Why? am I treated so bad
Ruby and The Party Gang - Hey Ruby Shut Your Mouth
Betty Davis - FUNK
Aretha Franklin - Lee Cross
Aretha Franklin - RESPECT
Aretha Franklin -Rock Steady
Tina & Ike - Cussin, Cryin, and Carryin On
Minnie Riperton - Every time he Comes Around
Della Reese - Compared To What?
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
Clara Wood - Dead End Street

Missy G's HOT album Recommendations
Big Apple Rappin - The Early Days of Hip-Hop Culture in New York City 1979-1982
The Sound of Philadelphia -Funk, Soul, and the roots of Disco 1965-73

Pick these wee jems and others in the Soul Jazz Series up from Galaxy Records, 227 High St.

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Luv Missy Gxxx




Come Together. Live!

Check this out!
Tina Turner's rendition of The Beatles 'Come Together' Hot Stuff!