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Missy G rocks! thanks for that person whom texted in!

Well, some fabulicious tunes once again... rather a Eurphoic feeling to Tuesday's Girlschool show!

Featuring Jacques Lu Cont and his Glamourous remix of New Order's 'Jetstream' and The Professional's remix of Donna Summer's classic summer tune 'I Feel Love' is hot to trotx

Maggie Puff, Gossip Queeny of the East, rocked up with some hot goss... Britney why did you do it?

That's right once again, Brit is plastered all over the tabloids, this time for shaving over all her golden locks, and is she really a bad mother? The media protrays old Brit, so badly... and yes she is back to rehab. So, Maggie and Missy got together and played Felix's remix of 'Toxic' as a tribute to dear old Brit.

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The Tunes!

Goldfrapp - Oompa Radar

Brudtland & Peterson - Geared Up

Adult - Hand to Phone

Rob Swift & The Professionals - I Feel Love

Tiga - You Gonna Want Me

Jacques Lu Cont -Jetstream

John B & Marcy Meow - Tainted Love

Peaches - Hanky Code

Charlie Ash - Blood Red Sleeve

Princess Superstar - My Machine

The Slits - No 1 Enemy

JB - Stalking You On Myspace

A big thank you also to Mailee of Charlie Ash fame, great talking to you on the show. You go girl!

Check out Charlie Ash's latest EP: Can Can

Luv Missy Gxxx


Girlschool Playtime!!!

Missy G in dee house! Had a rough start to the show, rocked up with my crate of goodness to find that the station was locked! Ha didn't take it personally, ran to Security, got a key and fled like a mad crazy cow into the studio... to find there was no sound! But after some knob twiddling got a signal, and the show was on!
Tonight, Girlschool favoured some darker tunes and played the David Kronenbergen, Swedish brother and sister duo, The Knife about time too! Also, played Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees Helter Skelter from The Peel Sessions. So here is the playlist...
Also, Missy G has her own myspace... about time! (tis hard keepin up with da kidsxxx)
check it out... What I like about myspace is getting loads of friends! ha

Miss Van in London Dec 06
This is one of my favzxx

Da Playlist...

Hollertronix (aka Diplo) - Mash Up
The Gossip - Standing In the Way of Control : Soulwax Nite Version
Le Tigre -After dark : Morel's Pink Noise Vox Mix
Scissor Sisters - She's My Man
Macy Gray & Bugz in the Attic - When I see You
M.I.A - China Girl : Diplo Rmx
Fox n Wolf - Youth Alcoholic
Charlie Ash - O'Baby
The Knife - The Captain & Neverland
Siousie Sioux & The Banshees - Helter Skelter
Ladytron - Sugar : Archigam Under the Roof Paris Rmx
Berlin - Sex I'm A...
The Pretenders - Bad Boys Get Spanked Live 1979

Girlschool Recommendations
It's nice to see Christchurch finally alive & kicking at this time of year!
A few hot gigs coming up!

17th Feb
Rinsed and Ruffneck Present: DJ Slipmatt (UK) & Guests at the Civic: MZA & Missy G go back to back in the Zinc Bar.

22nd Feb
Electro gang from Wellington, Charlie Ash play at the Jetset Lounge, support Ed Musick

24th Feb
Guess Who?
Pig Out at the Dux

24th Feb
Greg Churchill & Dirty Habit at Capitol, it's a fiver on the door.

Wicked Stuff...

Luv Missy Gxx