Girl School

Tuesdays 7-9pm, 98.5fm RDU.


Girlschool - working it a ha! soothing dislocated beats to warm your freezing toes and bring light to the darkened day!

Check out the following albums:
Ellen Alien & Apparat Orchestra of Bubbles
Miss Kitten - Live At Sonar
A Bugged Out Mix by Miss Kitten
Courtesy of Glaxy Records on High St

Miss Kitten - Live at Sonar
Richard X - rock Jacket
Princess Superstar-Perfect (a capella)
DJK-Plastic People
El Loco-Ibiza

ellen alien - bubbles
ada - love never dies
nouvelle vague - Guns of brixton
betty davis - they say I'm different

Groove Armada-The groove is on!
Groove Armada - Remember
the Concretes-Sunbeams
Joyzipper - Out of the Sun

Playgroup-Number 1
Ladytron- destry everything You touch
Miss Kitten - Professional distortion -
Miss Kitten and the Hacker - 1982 (Live Version)


The Goss... scooped out by Girlschool rock news presenter, Maggie Puff.
Wham! fans will be estatic about the proposed reunion between George Micheal and Andrew Ridgeley. That's right, George is asking Andy to join him, twenty years on, for a get together concert in September at Wembley Stadium.

Paris Hilton has a new 'reggae' song in the style of Blondie. What is that girl thinking? Perhaps Paris will be supporting Fat Freddy's Drop one day...

Our beloved bad girl, Kate Moss has been chugging away on 60 cigs on a one day photo shoot. Stress in the modelling biz.

Girlschool kicked off with Madonna 'Hung Up' and followed through with a mix of electro, funk, country and hippety hop.

The Tunes
Madonna - Hung Up ( SDP Remix)
Black Betty - Ram Jam (Rough n Ready Mix)
Rockers Hi-Fi meet Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine of your love
Merri Clayton - Gimme Shelter
Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter (an ode to Frankie from Coronation St!)
Primal Scream with Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning
Amira - My Desire ( Bugz Full Phunk Remix)
Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland Oregan
Shonen Knife - Rain
Young Heart Attack - Over & Over
Detroit Cobras - Holler!
Girlschool - Take it all Away
Breeders- Canonball
Ciccone Youth - Kim Gordon does Addicted to Love
White Stripes - Screwdriver (live)

Thanks to Galaxy Records for providing such fab tunes. Check out rare jems, daisy dolls and new realeases at 227 High St.

Keep warm and stay tuned to rduxx


Big ups to DJ MZA for another delightful Girlschool show.
Funny, kickin the show off with Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman' Dig Hole's version of the song too. Courtney dealing to it in her usual nail spittin way!

Well, Missy G parked up in bed under da huge fluffy pink duvey. Although ventured out for another fab Mixtape Connection eve. One thing certain about Mixtape Craziness, you never know what is gonna happen!

Pinocalada Soundsystem did a wicked set... Stevie's Gold dust woman chopped up with the Sex Pistols! Gotta love it!

Tricheal from Vintage Cuts Sunday's 1-3pm rdu 98.5pm will be carving up the dance floor in July with all sorts of jems. Stay tunedxx

Girlschool pays homage to winter with lyrics from Nico:

The Winter Song from Chelsea Girl

The snow on your eyelids that curtsy with age
Is freezing the stares on tyranny's wings.
The bitter is hard and the warmth of your skin
Is diseased with familiar caresses.

Withdrawing from splendor and royal decay
Among all the triumphs and jaded awards
The angry and blazing circus of sun
Blasphemes as the crown prince arises.

You cannot beget all the sins that you owe
To the people of paradise magic
Pretend to answer passion and form
With foreign rationalizations.

Primroses are the jewels that lurk
Among masks of pleasure that flicker with doubt
Embraces of fame that's simultaneously fear
To advance and demand to be recognized.

The river shall flow through hollow green faces
Of caricature's resentment etched out of the tongues.
Both reluctant princess asleep before birth
The classical sensitive failures.

The worshipping wicked cling to the dark of your heart
Lying there and wait with your angels
Moan and ravish from dawn to dusk
The avaricious young lovers.