Girl School

Tuesdays 7-9pm, 98.5fm RDU.


Kezza and MZA in the mix!

Girlschool Presents: The Sugar Club!

Thank you for those who supported Girlschool's Sugar Club eve on Friday night...
Pleased to say all involved had a ball... and yay looking at doing it sometime, again real soon!

If you have any ideas for cocktail games... send them on in!

For those of you, who signed up on The Sugar Club! email list, you will receive a free mix from Missy G real soon.

Luv Missy GXX


Girlschool Hits the Decks Once Again!!!!

Girlschool Presents: The Sugar Club, Friday 25th May at Double Happy... 10pm start

The Players

Missy G
Misfit Mod

Come play and groove to some electro, hippety-hop, funk, experimental styles...

Pinky Bars on the house

See you there

Missy G xxx