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Girlschool spent the evening with a fine array of ladies across the rock spectrum.
First up, a couple of new albums, hot off the press, The YYY’s break up album ‘Show Your Bones’ and The Rogers Sisters ‘ latest endorsement…. ‘Invisible Deck’

The YYY’s Karen O beckons listeners once again with “Show Your Bones” an album carefully crafted from deep and provoking thoughts and painful sentiment. Well, it is a break up album after all! Raucous guitar pieces from Nick Zinner and spiteful, tongue-slashing lyrics from Mz. O, oh my, wouldn’t like to get on their bad side! I guess the cliché goes ‘still waters run deep’ and this is an apt description for their latest work. Musically, the YYY’s keep pushing the boundaries, but have not quite managed to go above and beyond their influences. I can hear echoes of Sonic Youth, Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees throughout the album. However, taking all this into consideration, “Show Your Bones” is a must have for those cold, wintry nights by the fireside with a bottle of vino and your cat!

Now, the Rogers Sisters ‘Invisible Deck’ (Kiwis if in Australia careful how you pronounce theis title) is in itself a wee hummer, with raucous sonic sounds. What most stands out for me is the six-minute track…. ‘Your littlest World’
Similar to the YYY’s, the Rodger Sisters flow with sonic indulgence, and this is to their benefit as their sonic ability comes off as genuine and authentic. Long time Girlschool listener, the Elvis butcher says ‘the Rogers Sisters sound like Kiwis’ they sure are bringing home the bacon for me.

Pick these albums up from Galaxy Records, 227 High St. Receive 10% discount with your RDU card. Be sure to check out other rare and wonderful gems on offer.

The next Mixtape Connection is Friday May 5th at Capitol Bar. Dr Hitchcock, Indie Slut and myself will be playing 80’s, Electro, bootlegs and all sorts of wonderful tunes to spice up your evening. Be in New York without leaving Christchurch. We are also asking for zine submissions and are open to anything, well almost anything, Music, film, gig and book, reviews or just a rant about something of interest, art will also be embraced with open arms.

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GirlSchool Playlist
1. Hole – Golddustwoman
2. YYY’s – Cheated Hearts
3. Glass Candy - Crystal Migraine
4. Blondie-Die Young Stay Pretty
5. Suzi Quatro- Rockin in the Free World
6. Rogers Sisters- Don’t dream to cry
7. Hole – The Void (the Raincoats)
8. Siousie Sioux and the Banshees- Wheels on Fire
9. Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice
10. Chicks On Speed – Wordy Rapping hood (Rmx Playgroup)
11. Jefferson Airplane- It’s No Secret
12. Donnas- Gold Medal
13. Ada- Maps
14. Bow Wow Wow- I want Candy
15. Prince- Purple Rain