Girl School

Tuesdays 7-9pm, 98.5fm RDU.


Wow! ... What the hell happened - the last few months have been insane; more so than usual. I mean now there is a clinical explanation for nearly losing all sanity, drinking far too much cheap red wine and waking up with a dried crust around your mouth and waking up where? Everywhere it seems... no it's not just cause Missy is a raving drunken slapper... It's cause she lost her work and home in the midst of a natural disaster - a fucking 6.3 earthquake that ripped the rug beneath her feet and left her homeless, possession less and music less... Kill me now.

But wait we are in June and there is good news... Missy has the music back to bring to you and RDU 98.5FM is kinda up and running and Girlschool is back on the airwaves!

It's funny what we listen to in times of disaster... I was heartbroken as it looked as though my entire record collection was going to be demolished with that beaut old building I lived in on Poplar St or even worse that some scummy demo worker was going to get his greasy mits all over my Stooges and Roxy Music albums.

I could nt sleep... In the words of Dawn Penn 'No No No' I could nt eat ... I was in tears morning, afternoon and night. The 24 hour swimming pool and gym in Auckland saved my desperate ass and I would swim and shower all night long... Peaches says fuck the pain away... I say swim and wash the pain away.

The pool was on the fourth floor of a commercial building on Beach Road and I'd pretend I was a millionaire and like Peter Pan and the lost boys (go figure) I had imaginary champagne and caviar and a hot, fit man (or men) waiting for me in the spa... See the earthquake took nearly everything but didn't take away my wild imagination.

I was cut off from music ... Every tune Id hear on the radio or in a shop would remind me of my loss... How can I get back to where I once belonged?

I listened to a lot of blues, Big Mama Cass, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Cliff saw me through some tough times...

Second Ed coming soon... But for now here is the playlist for Girlschool Radio 98.5FM 060611


The Tear Drop - Armand Van Helden
Superbike - Fat Truckers
Take Me to You Leader - Add n to X

Dawn Rider - Mum and Dad
Gatecrasher - Ping Pong Bitches
I don't care - Dexter

Sucker - Peaches
Summertime Blues - Joan Jett
What do you Want - Generation X

Strange Kind of Woman - Deep Purple
Brain Confusion - Suzi Q
Fallen Starz Radio - PPB

Videotape - Darkstar
Large Number - AddntoX
Crimson and Clover - Evil Stig

Embrace - Chase n Status
Reflections of Yesterday - Three Degrees
Assault on Precint 13 - John Carpenter

Flashing Lights - Chase n Status
Corner of the Sky - Cut Copy
Tim Dog 1,2, 3

Rainy Day Sunshine Girl - Faust
Tim Dog 16
Lalala Land - Green Velvet
Hush - Deep Purple

Tune in next week for Girlschool and the next epic sode of the refugee DJ diaries xx